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Misc. items


Two items with magical and or religious overtones. The larger square is a magic square, the square of Jupiter and is 4 numbers which add up to 34 either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.it brings prosperity and prestige and authority with leadership..Albrecht Drurer is said to have one...Ben Franklin made one with over 200 numbers!~ in use for almost 3000 years.That's the Greek God,Jupiter, not the planet

The smaller one is a Sator square, a talisman to help medicinally and to ward off fire. Popular in Germany, it was attached to doors in Appalachia as late as the 20 th cent. Translations range from Christian to Hebraic. These have been used since about 60 AD.Found frequently in Appalachia, it was sometimes burned into a loaf of bread, and eaten.

Either magic square $20.00. Reproductions in copper. The numbers are from an original 18 th century stamp set.


I expect a lot of comments on this item. Having a chat with a customer who wanted something to remind him to say a prayer as he started his day. We talked about the Celts and Romans who wrote both prayers and curses on copper and lead sheets and rolled them up and put them in holy places.We thought of Jewish mazzuzas affixed to door frames..it actually means threshold or door post.That lead to the prayer inside which turns out to be one that Jesus would have said, called the Shema...basically the first commandment,,,Hear o Israel, the Lord is our God,the Lord is one.
  So, punched into a piece of copper I put Shema Israel, Adoni Elohenyu, Adoni Ekhad. .. pretty much the prayer said for almost 3000 years.Good enough for a Jewish kid named Jesus, it's good enough for me.

   One piece copper scroll. With hand stamped prayer.....$ 35.00. Amen


Since the times of the Apostles, the rooster has been a symbol of Christianity, to the Celts it was a holy animal.
  It remains a symbol of God's grace to sinners. 
Taken from Colonial weathercock, it measures about 12 1/2 wide by 15 tall and has a hanging loop on the back.
reproduced in heavy copper..........$70.00

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